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Created for boaters by boaters, the National Boat Owners Association is a membership club committed to boaters and their lifestyle. For over twenty-five years we've been dedicated to the safety, education, and happiness of boat owners nationwide.

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Emergency Towing

24-hour emergency dispatch. NBOA dispatch is on-duty 24 / 7 / 365 answering your calls for assistance.

Quick Response

Hundreds of commercial tow boats are committed to assisting NBOA members. NBOA dispatches the first available boat to assist you in an emergency.

On-Road Assistance

NBOA Roadside assistance will dispatch a service vehicle to assist you, should your trailer require service or towing while on the road.

Travel Perks

Discounts from national car rental companies like Enterprise, Alamo and National.

Industry Discounts

Enjoy specials from marinas, manufacturers, and marine retailers.

Marine Financing

Exclusive finance and re-finance opportunities.

Exclusive Savings

All members enjoy exclusive savings from NBOA's online Ship Store! Products include the latest boating safety equipment and specialty items.

Email Alerts

NBOA's membership provides boaters with helpful information, safety tips and severe weather alerts sent directly to their inbox.

Members Credit Card

This exclusive card gives NBOA members the opportunity to enjoy points for cash back, travel, merchandise, all for no annual fee!