Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Insurance Quote for Your Boat Purchase

By Mary Wilson June 14, 2021

Boat Insurance

Purchasing a boat is an exciting journey as you imagine yourself setting sail on the open water with your friends and family, or enjoying a peaceful solo afternoon surrounded by the deep blue. However, before you select the perfect boat or watercraft, it is important to secure your boat insurance, similar to purchasing car insurance before driving your new ride off the lot. While the process of obtaining marine insurance can seem like a large or stressful task, the expert professionals here at the National Boat Owners Association are ready to clear up this common misconception and map out everything you need to know about how to get a quote and work with a trusted agent.

Setting Your Budget

While you shop around for the best yacht, speedboat, fishing boat, jet boat, sailboat, or other watercraft, it is a good idea to list out all of your potential expenses in order to establish an appropriate budget and determine your marine financing options. This includes talking to a boat insurance agent and obtaining a quote for marine insurance. Not only will this help you plan a more accurate budget but will give you further insights into what kind of boat might be best for you based on your finances, needs, and desires. For instance, if you plan to purchase a yacht but learn that the insurance quote for a large boat does not fit into your budget, you can reevaluate and begin shopping for a smaller boat or perhaps a large pontoon boat.

Affecting Your Credit Score – Myth vs Fact

Applying for a quote through NBOA will not negatively affect your credit score. Although some insurance companies may do a “hard pull” on your credit score, meaning the terms of your boat insurance are dependent upon your credit report, applying for a quote with NBOA will not have an impact your score. Instead, when our agents do a credit check it is considered to be a “soft pull,” which is the same simple way you might check your score yourself. Rest assured that, unlike a “hard pull,” this type of credit check will never lower your current credit score.

Applying for a Quote

The professionals here at NBOA make the process of applying for and getting a boat insurance quote as easy as possible. Simply visit our website to fill out the form online. Then, relax while we review your information and follow up to discuss each option with you. Alternatively, you can start a live chat or call us directly to speak with an agent and ask any questions you may have. It is important to us that our customers, NBOA members, and potential clients are equipped with convenient solutions and unbeatable customer care from the very beginning.

Connecting with an Agent

Being connected with an insurance agent at NBOA who can point you in the right direction through the entire process, lending their expertise and guidance every step of the way, is invaluable. Feel confident while you select the best marine insurance and financing options to ensure your needs are met and your boat is covered. Especially if you are a first-time boat buyer, nothing beats having an expert and trusted resource to stand by your side, negotiate with you, and help protect your purchase. 


We know finding the perfect boat, setting up marine financing, and purchasing quality boat insurance at an affordable rate can be intimidating. With NBOA on your side, you can be sure that your best interests are at heart. From the moment you first visit to finally soaking up the salty air and sun on your new boat, and each day after, you will be met with smooth sailing, quality protection, and top-notch customer service from NBOA.

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