Boating Safety Tip: Important Reminders for Recreational Boaters

By Hollie Misztak May 26, 2017

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May 26th is the last day of Safe Boating Week, just in time for this Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is May 28th, 2017. Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest boating weekends around the country, for many reasons.

Let’s take a moment and recap the tips of the day from this years Safe Boating Week, brought to you by the Safe Boating Council 

Before Boating: Take a Boating Course, Get a Vessel Safety Check.

What Do you Need? Make an essentials list.

Which Life Jacket is Right for your Family? Be sure to have the proper gear!

What’s the Danger of BUI? Federal law prohibits boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs on ALL boats. BUI is involved in 1/3 of all recreational boating fatalities.

How Will Weather Impact your Boating Plans? Keep an eye on the weather forecasts.

How Does the Environment Affect Boaters? The sun, water, noises, dehydration, motions of the vessel, and more can affect you while boating. Be aware of these, especially if you are the boat driver/operator.

These tips above can save your life, and others. Which brings us to our final Boating Tip of the Day from Safe Boating Week. As a boater, you have a responsibility to all boaters – and all others who enjoy the water – to be safe, courteous and respectful.

Happy Memorial Day and have a safe and fun boating holiday!


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