Boat Maintenance

By Bobbi Lagala November 30, 2017

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While most of the country has either winterized their boat or they are getting ready to winterize the boat, some boaters are lucky and they get to boat year round. Either way, you should do some regular maintenance on your boat. Here is a good maintenance checklist to guarantee that you will always be prepared.

  • Do you have all required quantities and types of fire extinguishers?
  • Have the fire extinguishers been checked within the past year?
  • Are your fire extinguishers accessible?
  • Grab rails secure and free of corrosion or snags that may catch your hands.
  • Is the fuel system properly grounded at the filter, tank, deck, pump, etc.?
  • Is the fuel tank free from rust or contamination?
  • No leaks from tank, hose or fittings.
  • Engine compartment and engine clean and free of oily rags or flammable materials.
  • Is your fuel system protected from siphoning?
  • At least two anchors on board.
  • Anchor stowed for quick accessibility.
  • Electrical wiring approved for marine applications.
  • Electrical system is protected by circuit breakers or fuses.
  • Wire terminals and connections sealed to prevent corrosion.
  • Inspection of PFDs check for wear or abrasion, weak or torn seams, secure straps and buckles
  • Some types of PFDs are equipped with inflation devices; check to be sure cartridges are secure and charged.
  • Will bilge pump adequately remove water in emergency?
  • Are bilges clean and free to circulate?
  • Do you check bilges frequently and not rely on automatic pumps?
  • Inspect the steering cables, engine control linkage and cables, engine mounts and gear case for corrosion.
  • Batteries stored in non-corrosive, liquid tight, ventilated containers.
  • Batteries are well secured.

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