A Guide to Choosing the Best Boat from Reliable Boat Manufacturers & Brands

By Mary Wilson November 23, 2021

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Purchasing a boat is a big decision that takes time, patience, and research. Before making your final boat selection, you want to ensure the vessel not only has all of the features you desire at a great price but that your watercraft is adequately manufactured by the best boat companies in the industry. The passionate experts here at the National Boat Owners Association have put together a small guide to lead you to the most reliable boat brands and the best boat manufacturers in the USA. From high-end boat brands, yachts, and recreational watercrafts to motorboats, fishing boats, and sports boats, we are confident your needs will be met.


Powerboats & Motorboats

The best powerboat brands and motorboat brands are created by boat makers Formula Boats and Donzi Boats. Both boat companies are renowned manufacturers with a proven history of putting strong, light, and efficient boats on the water. Formula Boats are incredibly dedicated to bringing together family and friends on the water with watercrafts that are not only thrilling but safe. Donzi Boats are manufactured with over 55 years of experience, custom-made hardware, and flawless molds.


Sport Boats

Since there are a wide variety of sport boats with various features, we like to recommend a few high-quality sport boat manufacturers. Fountain Powerboats manufactures sports boats, cruisers, and fishing boats, among others. For inboard wakeboarding, water skiing, and other towing sports that provide luxury performance, you cannot go wrong with MasterCraft Boat Company. Keep a lookout for their specific sport boat brands like SaltWater boats, ProStar, MariStar, and X-Series. Last but not least is Sea Ray. This boat manufacturer has been honored with the NMMA Award for “highest satisfaction.”


Fishing Boat

Whether you are in the market for a freshwater fishing boat, saltwater fishing boat, sportfishing boat, or a high-end fishing boat, these manufactures put out some of the most reputable brands of fishing boats. Ranger Boats, Mako Boats, Contender Boats, Grady White, Bayliner, and Boston Whaler, are among the most highly respected boat makers in the industry. When comparing the best boat brands and manufacturers, there are several things to keep in mind, such as the placement and quantity of fishing rod holders and built-in tackle boxes, the size of baitwells, live wells, fish boxes, and the presence of desired fishing gear like outriggers, downriggers, downrigger ball holders, and electric reel plugs.


Motor yacht, sports yacht, and fishing yacht manufacturers can significantly vary from one to another. Once you have decided which type of vessel suits your needs and desires best, you need to set the bar in terms of comfort, aesthetics, style, and performance. Among the best yacht manufacturers are Hatteras Yachts, specializing in sportfishing and motor yachts, Silverton Marine Corporation, filling the waters with a variety of luxury yachts, and Viking Yachts, the best manufacturer for convertible, open, and sports yachts.


The #1 Performance Boat in the World

Of all the boat manufacturing companies out there, Baja Marine has been named the number one high-performance boat in the world. As an innovator and trailblazer in the boating industry, Baja Marine has been redefining performance boats for over four decades. Their nontraditional designs, intense quality standards, breakthrough engineering, state-of-the-art testing, ever-changing styles, and need for speed are all driving forces behind exceeding customer expectations with each new model.


With a wide selection of brilliant manufacturers and brands of boats, you are sure to find a watercraft that fits all of your needs and meets your desires when it comes to performance, safety, and durability. No matter what type of boat you dream of, we are confident the right one is out there waiting for you. Click here for NBOA’s comprehensive list of recommended boat manufacturers. Then, begin your marine insurance quote to ensure your new boat is protected in the best way possible.



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