Why You Will Fall in Love with Center Console Boats

By Patrick Farrell April 29, 2021

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Whether you look forward to spending your free time cruising on the water with family, water skiing with friends, or fishing with your best furry friend, a center console boat might be the perfect investment for you. While there are a wide variety of center console boats, these types of watercraft prove to be versatile, roomy, easy to maintain, lightweight, and cost-efficient. Here at the National Boat Owners Association, we are sharing all you need to know about this popular type of boat.

What are Center Console Boats?

Before we dive into all the reasons why a center console boat could be a great choice for you, let’s define what a center console boat is. As their name suggests, you may have concluded that center console boats have their main steering and helm station located in the middle, or center, of the craft. Center consoles can be found on a variety of motor boats and speed boats, including yachts, pontoon boats, bay boats, and deck boats.

Fishing on Center Console Boats

One of the most attractive features of center console boats is that they are ideal for all kinds of fishing. Many fishers enjoy the maximized deck space and the ability to cast from any side and angle of the boat. When it comes to gear and your great assortment of fishing rods, a center console fishing boat can come equipped with all style rod holders located around the console. This makes it easy to carry different gear onboard for various types of fishing, as well as store and accommodate your fishing rods while allowing plenty of room to maneuver around the deck.  

Center console boats are perfect for just about any type of fishing, from deep saltwater fishing to shallow river fishing. These boats can handle all types of water and conditions for trolling, fly fishing, bait casting, and even run-and-gun fishing. If you are on the hunt for a small fishing boat for sale, you might want to track down a mid-20-foot center console boat. These are some of the most versatile “do-it-all” fishing boats.

Versatility of Center Console Boats

In addition to fishing, center console boats are also wonderful for families who enjoy cruising on the weekends, diving in the sea, towing fun inflatables, skiing, wakeboarding, and more. The efficient design allows for maximum seating between the center, bow, and stern, which means you can safely and comfortably fit the whole family or invite more friends for a fun afternoon on the water.

The lighter design of these motorboats allows you to cruise at a higher speed and effortlessly transport on a trailer to different waters. Center console boats are also easy to pilot, steer around corners, and dock at busy marinas by giving the captain a 360-degree view. After a day out at sea, these low-maintenance watercraft could use a simple freshwater scrub and flush of outboards.

Financing A Center Console Boat

As center console boats have versatility when it comes to speed and horsepower, hulls, and size, of course, these specific boat prices fall in a wide range. While small center console boats for sale may be as low as $9,999, the cost can increase up to $949,000. As a general statement, simple center console boats are one of the less-expensive fiberglass watercrafts available.


After you have found your perfect, center console dream boat, whether a used fishing boat for sale, bass boat, or speed boat, you will need to review your financing options. NBOA makes this step of boat buying as convenient as possible for our members and customers with our marine financing program. We are proud to offer competitive rates, zero application fees, long-term options, and trouble-free automatic payment plans.

Protecting Your Investment

Although center console boats are easy to maintain and can be fairly affordable depending on the make, model, year, and features, it is still a great commitment to take on. It is always a good idea to protect your investment with marine insurance anytime you buy a boat. That is why NBOA also offer

s the best boat insurance options for your fantastic watercraft. Ensure that your boat purchase is handled correctly with professionals and experts who take pride in protecting you and your loved ones, both on and off the water. 

After a long winter, we know you cannot wait to get out on the open waters to cruise, fish, and play. If a center console boat sounds like the best “do-it-all” watercraft for you, we are glad to hear it. Let us know how your friends here at NBOA can assist in making your new boat purchase a breeze.

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